Royalty Rewards

Join the American Pie Pizza Royalty Rewards programs and get a FREE $5 off Welcome Gift Certificate in the mail!

We’ll also mail you a FREE $3 off gift certificate for your Birthday and family members get FREE $3 off gift certificates for their Birthdays too! Plus, we’ll mail you an offer for your anniversary, too! And you’ll receive lots of other cool American Pie Pizza-only promotions and offers year round.

Here’s How It Works

When you join the American Pie Pizza Royalty Rewards Club we will give you a credit-card-style Royalty Rewards card.

Bring your card with you each time you visit The Pie, and hand it to your server when you pay your bill so it gets swiped and you earn points from your purchases. We automatically track your purchases and assign points to your account.

Each dollar spent equals 1 point in your account. When you accumulate 200 points, a $5 gift certificate will be mailed to you!

There are other ways to get points too. You’ll get 10 points for supplying your email address. Get from 20 points for completing an online survey about your visit and an additional 10 points for giving us an online review.

Plus, you’ll get our weekly emails and newsletters too, that frequently have promos for bonus points and discounts.

When you join our Club, you’ll receive a FREE subscription to our entertaining, money-saving newsletter, invitations to special events, emails about American Pie news, and you’ll get hooked up with rockin’ members-only exclusive savings.

American Pie Loves to Hook Up Our Guests.

There are no limits! It’s a great way to treat and award yourself!

There are no expiration dates for your accumulated reward points!

This is a totally cool, totally FREE program.

The American Pie Pizza Royalty Rewards Club is one way we thank our many loyal guests.

How To Sign up

Sign up online HERE or at any American Pie Pizza location!

Be sure to bring in your card each time you visit, and hand it to your server so it gets swiped and you get points! Don’t like to carry another Card?

Access YOUR Rewards
Faster & Easier!

Download the FREE Royalty Rewards® App for iPhone® or Android™.

Earn Points with your phone, check your balance and manage Your Account quickly & easily.

If you don’t have your card swiped or phone scanned (or account # entered manually) for 6 months, you’ll be bumped off our list as we assume you no longer visit us or perhaps you moved. So be sure to keep having your card swiped so you stay on our active list!

If you’re already a member.

Click here to access your account to see your points or update your account information. You will need your card number, and your password is your last name when your account is first created. You can change that when you log in to your account.

We encourage you to check your account to track your purchases and make sure your account information is correct (address, phone, email, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). If you have any questions about your account, please feel free to contact us.